Hi Peter,

We are Stephen and Celia Nield from Warrington, you don’t know us and we have never met but we feel that we owe you an enormous debt of gratitude.

We were planning to undertake a bout of decorating in our lounge when an acquaintance of yours Matty Davies asked if we could use some assistance as he may be able to provide us with a decorator, Matty assured us that we would not be disappointed as he has witnessed “first hand” the skills of the decorators he had in mind.

We left all the planning of this in Matty’s hand and sometime last week he told us that he had put these plans into place. We were advised that a decorator would be coming to see us this Tuesday at at 8.00am on Tuesday morning a chap knocked on my door and introduced himself to us and asked if we knew that he was here to do a spot of decorating.

This man’s name was Graham and I can’t begin to tell you how glad we are to have me him, over a cup of tea Graham asked us what it was that we wanted him to do for us and so we did. What we got as an end result far exceeded our wildest expectations because this man’s work has completely transformed our lounge.

Thanking Graham for his efforts just didn’t seem to be adequate enough for us and we therefore felt the need to contact yourself and to try and express to you how we feel, from the minute Graham walked into our home until the second he left it he conducted himself perfectly, his workmanship is of the highest order, his attention to detail is incredible and as I have already mentioned our lounge has been transformed.

Graham has acted in such a professional manner during the entire 4 days he was with us that even our neighbours have made comments to us about him; he consulted us through everything that he was doing and has given me pieces of advice for any future decorating chores that I may undertake in the future.

Thanks to Graham I would like to think that I could achieve better results from my own decorating exploits and if this is to be the case then I believe Graham would have played a major part.

You must be a very proud man to have people of this calibre in your employ and I feel sure that your company has a very bright future because of that.

Please allow us to thank you once again for releasing Graham from whatever he was doing before he came to us and for allowing us the opportunity to meet him.

Our very best regards to you your company and your staff.

Stephen and Celia Nield.