small room decoration

Small spaces in our homes are quite commonly the hardest to decorate, especially when it comes to getting the right colour. Here we present a few paiting and decorating ideas to add colour to the smaller rooms in your home, whilst still making sure they appear light and as spacious as they can.


If you don’t have a large kitchen, the default choice seems to be opting for a white paint all round. However, there are other options you should explore. Pale colours can work very well and for some are preferable over a clinical, cold and characterless plain white. Pale warm neutrals will help create a cosy, but airy atmosphere in the kitchen – whilst considering how your furniture matches, pairs or contrasts can add extra character to your small kitchen.


Notoriously narrow and dark, making them a real challenge to brighten up! Because they are so dark, you should try and keep paint choice light and bright, whilst allowing whatever light source (if any) to reach the hallway to give its full contribution to the space. ProPaint painting and decorators think combinations of white and pale colours can help brighten up a space such as this.


Thinking about it, the bathroom is normally the smallest room in the house. Often, functionality and getting everything in there is priority when compared to the style of it, thus they can be hard to make stylish after all things considered. A white bathroom is always a safe choice that will give you a sleek and hygienic feel, though little pockets of colour can always be added. For example, this could be achieved by using a pale colour for a ceiling!

Study Room

A small space doesn’t mean you can’t be bold with your colour choices. Maybe the addition of colour accents, dado & picture rails and floor colouring can help add depth to the small space, even before you kit it out with your equipment!

Spare Bedroom

A similar story to the kitchen, many will paint the room white and expect a spacious and simple final product. Yes this can work, but will offer little character or depth into the room. Soft neutrals such as puttys, minks and pale greys are equally as good as white to make a space appear larger, but offer greater depth and interest. For those that aren’t sure or don’t like the idea of having a whole room like this, try painting just one of the walls a pale colour, with the others left white!