The summer might have just ended, but experts in the interiors world have been busy over the last month looking to the fast approaching year ahead; making their predictions on what will be the next big thing. Kick-starting the predictions is Dulux, with their annual naming of the Colour of the Year which has been announced as Tranquil Dawn. 

Selected by an expert panel of colour designers, industry trend forecasters, design specialists, architects and editors from all over the world, the Dulux Colour of the Year in now in its 17th year. 

Tranquil Dawn; the soft green hue was chosen in order to embody the nation’s mood as we march towards a brand new decade. This colour reflects our growing desire to understand what it means to be human, at a time when our technological advances risk us being left behind and becoming increasingly disconnected from one another. Mass production, increased digitisation, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are all becoming an integral part of our modern world, and in many ways have gone on to improve our lives. However, the lack of genuine human connection that comes with it can make the quality of life poorer, and more chaotic. 

Dulux’s Colour of the Year offers our homes and lives the ‘human touch’, bringing more of what we’ve been lacking in back to the forefront of our daily lives. Nodding towards the elements of the natural landscape; the space between the land and sky. When paired with neutral pastels and rich jewels, it quickly becomes powerful at creating spaces that encourage making better human connections. 

There are a selection of colour palette ideas with Tranquil Dawn as a main feature; here are some of the ways that it can transform your home. 


Living Room


Soft and sandy tones create a laid back living room featuring the colour of 2020; unlike other shades of Dulux green paint, the versatile Tranquil Dawn seems to subtly shift in its tone depending on the shades it is combined with. When it is used in combination with a sandy tone, it creates a relaxed and nurturing space which enables you to focus on your wellbeing and positive human interactions. Adding in comforting fabrics, throws and cushions, warm woods and mood-boosting indoor plants help to complete this light and airy look. 


In a warm and creative living room, the inclusion of rich and saturated Dulux green colours, including leaf green and teal, combine together to create an intense mood. Tranquil Dawn takes on a calming role here, providing a pale contrast shade which brings some much needed balance to the room. Pair with hand-crafted wicker and floral motifs, this room offers those a way to reconnect with the past in an up-to-date setting, creating an inspiring atmosphere. 



Bright shades bounce off black and white; kitchens which feature a cool, confident look where graphic black cabinets, contrasting white tabletops and a vibrant wall colour stands out against the calmer influence of Tranquil Dawn. Include colourful furniture and playful accessories, the mood created is upbeat and positive.



A calm and tranquil bedroom is the perfect antidote to our everyday hectic modern lives. Stripping back all the hustle and bustle to the beautifully simple essentials. With walls painted in the Colour of the Year, then paired with elegant materials including wood and marble, and linen – left in their natural state, create a room with connotations of rest and renewal.


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