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Everyone wants the best return on their home when putting it on the market. We are ProPaint North Wales painters and decorators have devised a short article to give you some easy and actionable tips to get your home ready for a successful sale amidst a competitive market.

Time to turn your home into a space where others can see themselves spending their future!

Tip 1 – exterior of property

The property’s exterior and garden space is the first thing any potential buyer is going to see, so ensuring it is up to scratch to ensure a powerful first impression is of great importance. If your property looks a little run down from the outside it may be time to address the issue. For example, if you have bricks missing, paint peeling or dirt build up then it is worth fixing it up. If your home is painted, give it a fresh coat to brighten it up and make it look brand new. You should also consider the driveway, paving and front garden – quick and easy solution are to clear leaves away and plant some bright and welcoming plants (and also making sure the lawn is mowed).

Tip 2 – interior essentials

Inside your home you should pay attention to door frames, window frames, skirting boards and your bannisters. If you consider all of this carefully and paint them appropriately you will soon notice a fresh and brighter atmosphere within your home. The finished look helps tie together your home and ensures your home is seen in good light.

Tip 3 – walls and floors

You should ensure your walls and floors are looking to the best of their abilities before you put it up on the market. Many estate agents will suggest restoring your interior colours to neutral shades before you try and sell, as it acts as more of a blank canvas for potential customers. If you have in the past used bright and powerful colours, it may be worth considering re-painting as suggested, though it is of course fine to have a few bursts of colour here and there! Try and see your property with an objective eye and imagine you are viewing it as a buyer!

If you have got carpets, they would benefit from being professionally cleaned – and if you’re home features wooden or laminate flooring, ensure they are sparkling clean before each viewing.

Tip 4 – fitting and fixtures

Possibly most important in your bathroom and kitchen, these spaces are actually the two rooms that can add most value to a property. Consider putting new, modern taps on to create a more sleek and stylish vibe. Consider things such as new tiles and new countertops to give the place a bit of a lift. If you are on a tighter budget, carry out smaller jobs like replacing tile grout, or painting kitchen cupboard doors a different colour.

Tip 5 – cleaning and organizing

As you may have picked up, ensuring your home is clean is an important factor and easy way to give your home a lift for prospective buyers. Even though tidying and cleaning is important, it is not a bad idea to leave some personal and home items around as they can show that it is a family home and help them picture themselves living there. All clutter however, should be definitely thrown away!

There we have some simply tips for you to try out and give your home a better chance of selling and at a higher value! If you decide that you want to proceed to some painting, be in inside or outside and feel you need professionals to do high level jobs, get in touch with us here at ProPaint painters and decorators North Wales.